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Cold Exposure

Are you ready to push into discomfort of daily cold exposure?
For the full month of January take a 2 minute cold shower or an ice plunge daily and see how it impacts your physical & mental health.

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97% of People have a Morning Routine. Is Yours the right one? Our mission is to explore the effects of popular habits and routines on physical and mental health. Through monthly challenges with prizes, we gather concrete data and share valuable knowledge with our community & and the world.


1. Join Challenge

Are you able to go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself for a full month? Join the existing challenge or get ready for the next one!


2. Journal Progress

See how a monthly challenge impacts your physical & mental health. Monitor and share your progress daily to have a chance to win one of the prizes!


3. Share data & Win prizes

Answer questions at the end of the challenge to help find the most impactful habits for our well-being. Participants sharing daily progress will have a chance to win cash prizes.

Why does THE CHALLENGE exist?

Every day, an avalanche of advice from health and fitness mavens floods our lives, each touting routines guaranteed to revolutionize our wellbeing. Amid this barrage of "next big things," the question arises:

Which habits truly deliver substantial returns on our health, fitness, and overall wellness?
10.000 steps per day
keto diet
daily gratitude
ice dipping
intermittent fasting
resistance training
morning sun exposure
coffee detox
vegan diet
no alcohol
HRV training
calorie restriction
cold showers
proper hydration
no sugar
daily writing
sleep gadgets
exercise snacking

With our time being a finite resource, it's crucial to prioritize habits that offer the most significant benefits.
Thus, The Challenge was born - a unique platform designed to methodically test these routines within a consistent timeframe and group, allowing us to gauge and compare their real impact.

% of People have
a Morning Routine
$ cash Prizes
per Challenge
% of Data to be
shared Publicly
for free
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Frequently asked questions

How do I join a Challenge?
There is a "Join Challenge" button for any active challenge. There will be 12 Challenges per year. You are free to join any time however joining on the first day of a given month is how the game is meant to be played to experience a full month of a given challenge.
How do the monthly $3000 prizes work exactly?
There will be 3 (three) $1000 prizes per Challenge. To be eligible for the prize one has to share their daily journey on Instagram or Twitter for at least 25 days within the Challenge month with a hashtag chosen for each Challenge. Then, After the Challenge has ended send in the links to your Instagram or Twitter profile or specific videos to [email protected] where the posts can be verified. At the end of a Challenge the 3 winners will be chosen by team based on the most well done daily documentation (via video, posts with text or other means) of a given Challenge. Numbers of followers, likes, comments on social media etc WILL NOT matter. Read all the requirements here
Is this a non-profit organization?
TheChallenge.Org is a for-knowledge organisation. The organisation is not a typical non-profit. It will have an optional donation model for people wanting to support it and help cover the cost of operations.
Who are the people behind this project?

The project is funded by one investor & founder, Karol Banaszkiewicz, who decided to commit his time & resources in pursuit of a goal to measure how various habits impacts peoples physical & mental health.